Seattle Hip Hop – 3rd Wave

It seems Charles Mudede’s “wave” theory regarding Seattle’s hip-hop history of scene-building is coming to fruition with the talent pool in the town of late, it’s deep like the Sonics in ’96! According to the Mudede Theory, we are currently in the “third wave”, the “second wave” being the Blue Scholars, Common Market reign and the “first wave”, Sir-Mix-Alot, Black Anger, and the Central District crews of the ’90s. The bulk of the “third wave” artists offer a blunted blend of laptop electronica, drum ‘n bass, G-Funk beats, and classical West-Coast stylings. In a town known for flannel and bearded-indie bros, the new, vibrant “third wave” is the most fruitful and interesting scene to pass through Seattle in a minute.

Beacon Hill space-rap enthusiasts Helladope and THEESatisfaction are the brightest stars in the terrestrial Seattle sky but Mad Rad, Champagne Champagne, Fresh Expresso, and Shabazz Palaces are all doing their thing as well. The newest album to come from the blossoming scene is “They La Soul” from They Live!. Founding members DJ Bles One from Mash Hall and Massive Monkeys and Gatsby from Cancer Rising (also the KEXP DJ of the famous Sunday night “Street Sounds”) cement the suspicion that they are two of the most talented musicians in the Seattle scene over the last decade. A DJ-friendly, club rocking ode to the West Coast that’s too hard-hitting to be hipster but too fun to be taken seriously. And its free. FREE! Stream the whole album below.

Can’t get enough? Check out this dance-floor BPM J-A-M from Helladope called “Just So You Know”. Possibly the best hip-hop song from the town all year.

Also… THEESatisfaction keep getting better, offering their routine brilliance in another FREE project “Christmas On The Moon.”

Don’t Sleep.


4 thoughts on “Seattle Hip Hop – 3rd Wave

  1. I saw mad rad and fresh espresso live last month, they were REALLY energetic and fun. As for Champagne Champagne I’ve loved their music since last January… Never knew there was this “wave” theory though about Seattle hip-hop, makes sense.

    I think it would be a ton of fun if the Belltower was able to get an indie seattle hip-hop group! Pull some strings will you someone?

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