Lucky 13 List of Luscious Ladies and Lads

This is your resident Love Guru, Chelan, making it even more obvious who I think is hott (two “t”s are necessary). Everyone knows I spend at least half of my time checking people out on campus, googling indie celebrities, dancing in the front row so I’m visible to the band boys and telling people “you are soooooo cute that I want to put you in my pocket and carry you around with me”.

I’ve taken into account some of the other managers wishes for this list, but I’m the queen of list-making so I had to make some changes. Let’s just get this blog orgy started…

13.  Tom Waits. Yes this man is ridiculously old, but Rachel has a big fat crush on him. And it doesn’t take much for me to be convinced that someone is hot. What I love about Tom Waits: his scene with Iggy Pop in Coffee and Cigarettes, the fact that he drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes, his clever hat/suit combos, the fact he adores Kerouac and Burroughs. Truly timeless music and timeless style. Dear Mr. Waits, come to Pullman and have an affair with me.

12. Dan Deacon. I adore possibly mentally unstable assholes that do whatever they want because they make music. I really really really want to carry Dan Deacon in my pocket. Then I can bring him home with me and tell my mom we’re dating. She would really love that. Maybe then she’d leave me alone about getting a boyfriend. The combination of  what I like to call “chubby boy allure” and beautiful thrift store glasses get me to page 14(!) on my Google Images search. Oh just look at this cutie! (P.S. Listen to his latest album Bromst)

11. Andy from Local Natives. Bass player (see bass player below) from the latest indie boy band to visit the KZUU airwaves. All he needed was a bass guitar and a Mishka hat–it was obsession at first sight. Here is why bass players are hot: they can play the guitar, just like the lead guitar, but instead they take the backseat because they are “so into the music.” Duh. Someone recently pointed out to me that I have a “thing for guys in culturally relevant streetwear”. First, have you seen the new Holiday 09 collection?! Second, if that is wrong…I don’t wanna be right. (P.S. I still need his number, you guys are totally dropping the ball on me.)

10. Wale. Speaking of men who wear culturally relevant streetwear…this is just the cutest little hiphopper out there right now. I’ve had a thing for Wale since W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. but his mixtape this year just solidified my idea that in order to get Wale’s attention I need to pretend to be from D.C. and start wearing clothes from KarmaLoop. I try to ignore his actual album from this year and just stick with the mixtapes. Also,  I know how to say his name correctly so I totally have a chance right? “They keep sayin whale but my name’s Wale. Hoe’s call me Mr. Never Wear The Same Thang.” Hell yeah I do.

9. Tegan(9.5) & Sara (9). I actually don’t even listen to Tegan and Sara because of their music. It’s just because they are adorable. Okay and maybe I listened to “Nineteen” a million times when I was 19 (note to readers: that really wasn’t that long ago). But the more and more I listen to “Back In Your Head” the more and more I connect with their Love Sick Teenager appeal (Bear in Heaven reference anyone?). Embarrassing confession: I once took a picture of them in to Great Clips for a haircut when I was going through my wannabe-indie-girl phase. But for realzies…Austin and Kevin love these girls so see it for yourself…

8. Spencer Krug. I love Wolf Parade. And Evan and Curt love Sunset Rubdown. So the radiant Spencer Krug has to make this list. He just looks so clean! Even in sweat! How can you not love him? I think it is the button up shirts or my undying love for Apologies To The Queen Mary. He works so hard to make music with multiple bands and he never lets our ears down. Or my computer screen background. Spencer, my love, whenever you want to sing “Modern World” to me over coffee, I’ll be around. Waiting. And then maybe we can go on a walk through the city and look through obscure bookshelves and sit on park benches?

7. Zooey Deschanel. It’s those enchanting Baby Blues! This year Zooey married Ben Gibbard and indie boys worldwide were demolished by heartbreak. Other than that I’m waiting for the She & Him album set for next spring. Zooey: DON’T LET ME DOWN–if you do I will burn the scrapbook of all your adorable outfits in my fireplace.  Also this year was the movie 500 Days of Summer where a cute boy falls in love with her because she loves The Smiths. I dream that she actually  listens to The Smiths in real life. Zooey graced GQ magazine in August, I’ve created a link for the pictures…don’t be shy, they aren’t as provocative as we would all hope. Rumor has it she also has a vintage coat collection. How much more classic can you get? Zooey, can you take me shopping and help me with my vintage coat collection? Thanks for being an indie deity.

6. Annie Clark of St. Vincent. Annie Clark is one of the most beautiful and distinct women of music today. She is classic and classy. I can’t even explain the allure we all feel to Annie Clark. I think a simple search of her live performances will do. Miss Clark is basically a Siren (a mythological half bird, half woman who seduces foolish men to their deaths upon sharp rocks in the ocean).  I’m still not over this live performance of “Marrow”; I showed this to my 13 year old sister and she classified it as “scary”.

5. James Pants. I LOVE JAMES PANTS. Reasons why I love James Pants (yet another list): he came to Moscow and threw a great dance party, he was nice to my friends, he is from Spokane, he mixes beautifully, he threw his sweat on me, he actually has nice pants. Mr. James Pants also pulls off facial hair quite well. He is close to Pullman so I feel like we could have a relationship. James Pants: call me. I’m single and you could take me home to your mother.

4. Sondre Lerche. This is a recent obsession. Sondre makes the pretty pop-sensible music. He is a natural at this indie music thing. I can’t believe I just found out a month ago what he actually looks like. Although he is from Norway so that explains a lot. It’s the unbelievable wardrobe. He pulls off trendy without looking like a entry-level trendy asshole. Another video of him and Regina Spektor. I think I love him. Like actually love him.

3. Yoni Wolf. This is not a recent obsession. My love for Yoni runs so deep that when someone asked me the other day why I love Why? so much I couldn’t find words to explain it. There is something about his lyrics that actually pull on my heartstrings so much it makes me cry (another awkward internet confession). Yoni will rip your heart apart and then sew it back together with an old dirty shoestring and tell you it’s okay because everyone is kinda sad. He grabs musical influence from the following: Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, Dylan, Pavement and Counting Crows. Yes, Counting Crows! He continues to amaze me the more and more I cyberstalk him. Quoting lyrics daily is a sure sign of love. True stalker-love. I didn’t even need to Google his name to find this picture, I just took it from my desktop background.

2. Emily Haines. Comely, distinct, fair, petite, graceful, and completely kick-ass.  I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to be my older sister. From her haunting and captivating songwriting to her small but far-reaching voice, there isn’t anything bad to say about the Metric frontwoman. In fact, I would dare you to talk shit about Emily Haines in front of me. I might look little, but I have a fierce competitive side when it comes to defending musicians I adore. I can direct you to so many things from here. The song Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl. Check out her work with gazillion member band Broken Social Scene and solo project Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton. So diverse and always putting out great work. The most beautiful Canadian ever born.

1. Timothy Meinig. Two words: facial hair. The best general manager KZUU has ever had is also in a band. He was also in another band, but you’ve probably never heard of them. This man is so lovable and he has so much love for KZUU. Classic sense of style–the beanie and down jacket will never die.  He plays the bass like no one else and fixes stuff in the studio like nobody’s business. If you ever have a button that won’t be pushed…Tim will be there. T.I.M. is the new KZUU Christ Krist. Thank you Tim.

That is the end. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of beauties to work with. I have some honorable mentions that I will later regret not mentioning, but I wouldn’t want you to overdo it with your Google searches. Feel free to let me know if I left any indie-relevant 2009 people out. I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings us all! It is so much work being this obsessed, but I know you all appreciate my hard work. As always, hugs and kisses.

Your (basically self-proclaimed) Love Guru,


9 thoughts on “Lucky 13 List of Luscious Ladies and Lads

  1. 30-45 I especially love Tegan. 35-40 especially. I love that cute akwardness that they both do. Sara just seems to do it more than Tegan.

  2. Mr. Lerche is probably the best looking norge I’ve seen in a looooong time, and Tom Waits? Ahh! If only I was 30+ yrs. older, but he loves his Cathlene Brennan.
    Amazing choices, Chelan. 🙂

  3. I have been hanging around Seattle and K.E.X.P. all winter. show after show I loved it! Reading this makes me want to come home and K.z.u.u. all over town in my new K.Z.U.U. Hood and shirt. K.Z.U.U. U make Pullman livable.

    P.s. Chelan u are the sweetest lady in town! You guru the s%#t out of K.Z.U.U.!!!!

  4. Jessica, I think Sondre is so good looking that it may be too good to be true…

    KgB, let’s KZUU the shit out of Pullman. I think its going to be two weeks until we get the goods. Also, how do I get in on this KEXP biz? I want to be KEXP.

    Thank you KgB for being awesome all the time.

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