Hey you! Listen to AU.

Q: I was looking for something to play on my show after the new Animal Collective EP. Any suggestions?

A: Why sure! Have you heard the song “Ida Walked Away” by AU?

Not only does AU sound like an under-developed Animal Collective, but they also have an EP out! Versions  is the second release of most tracks from their Verbs album of 08, but the band added a special little track to get everyone excited about their album set to come out next year.

You’ll notice a lot of layered instrumentation and big sounds [wow, that sounded very Entry-Level Alt–“hey it sounds like really big and there are like lots of instruments”]. Very noisy, but so much fun to listen to. Your ears will be on instrument overload after listening to this one. Vocals sound a bit too much like Grizzly Bear, but that’s okay with me (and if I know most of you…it is probably okay with you too). You wanna know the best part about AU? They are touring with WHY? next year. If Yoni likes it, I’m cool with it too. Their next album is going to be a biggie, so keep an eye out for them. Get to know them while they’re still uncool.

“RR vs. D” is reminiscent of the song “Osaka Loop Line” by Discovery. In fact, yes they are the same song.

Hear it for yourself: “RR vs. D” and “Osaka Loop Line”

Listen to “Ida Walked Away” here.

Look for this in the preview rack soon, don’t forget about this one over break kids.


9 thoughts on “Hey you! Listen to AU.

  1. ““RR vs. D” is reminiscent of the song “Osaka Loop Line” by Discovery. In fact, yes they are the same song.”

    Huh? And even if they DID sound anything REMOTELY alike, which they don’t, it would be more proper to say that Osaka Loop Line is reminiscent of RR vs D, considering that RR vs D came out a full year before.

  2. Dana,
    KZUU loves this release–I think it is even on the top 30 chart in the past couple weeks. The reason I related it to Osaka Loop Line is because that song had a ton of play when this was written. We’re waiting to see what’s next.

    Thanks for reading,

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