The Holiday season means KZUU goodies!

Need a present for your friends and loved ones AND YOURSELF that also doubles as a promotional tool for KZUU?

Chelan has a solution! Click this link to order KZUU sweatshirts and tshirts.

KZUU apparel options

(I want millions of people to order these sweatshirts. MILLIONS.)

Only $29 for sweatshirts/$12 for tshirts to have true holiday (and KZUU) spirit.

*note the red sweatshirt is actually AA cranberry

Happy holidays (and happy buying),


Details: We had the design made up with our older logo and favorite tagline, “good music doesn’t play itself”. So you click on the link above to order a bunch of sweatshirts and tshirts from the choices above. Get your orders in by the 1st of the new year and KZUU will have them in January for you to pick up. Feel free to post questions and comments on the blog.

One thought on “The Holiday season means KZUU goodies!


    Nameless Numbers (an all-KZUU band from 2005-06, played with Saxon Shore, Aqueduct, The Robot Ate Me and Jeff Hanson [who is no longer with us, RIP!]) used to play shows with them, GIVE THEM LOVE!!!

    Nice charts, glad to see you’ve got the AC on!

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