new wavves

nathan williams has had a short, fast career. two full lengths under his belt in 2k9, a new slew of tunes with zach “hella” hill on drums, and a bar fight with the hillybilly from black lips. yeah so wavves rivals wale in the buzz department of 2k9. its not without good reason though, dude has a unique talent of blending thrash with pop, beach boys with black flag. this music gets in your head.

click this button right….HERE to download/stream live versions of wavves best tune “to the dregs” and brand new ones “horse sholes” and “hula hoop”.

both new tunes sounds like a thrash-y grunge as opposed to thrash-y beach punk (i really hope he doesn’t try to bring grunge back).

if you haven’t checked it out, play wavves wavvves LP on your show. find it in the “staff favorites” now.

thanks ta g v b for tha tip


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