Edward R. Murrow’s journalistic legacy continues to this day

lol journalism. On page two of Wednesday’s Daily Evergreen, readers found a short write-up promoting the Lake/Karl Blau/Yarn Owl show Thursday night in Pullman.

Everything was going fine until the sixth paragraph, when it became clear that the author of the article was on a deadline and called up a friend to get space-filling quotes that had approximately jack shit to do with the bands. Quote: “This is the kind of music I could really study to,” she said. “It’s pleasant to listen to – not distracting.” STUNNING MUSICAL ANALYSIS.

Next paragraph: “Smith said that although she is not familiar with Olympia-based LAKE, she is always willing to check out new artists.” I think it’s obvious that the reporter’s source quickly fired up Karl Blau’s myspace and previewed a single, “pleasant”-sounding track during their brief phone conversation minutes before the Evergreen‘s deadline.

I don’t understand why someone who clearly knows little about and cares little for music would be chosen as an interview subject for this article. Edward R. Murrow’s rotted corpse is squirming in his grave/urn/bottom of the Hudson River.

Read the whole thing here.



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