Preview Rack: Imaad Wasif – “The Voidist”

I thought Imaad Wasif’s 2008 album, Strange Hexes was criminally underrated, both by Pitchfork and KZUU. He makes indie rock filtered through a classic rock lens, creating a sound essentially unlike much else you’ll hear this year. Some of his more sludgy tracks might remind you of dumb bands like Queens of the Stone Age, but Wasif achieves similar effects without the hyper-masculine, aggressive, stoner angle of those desert assholes. The Voidist is a slow-burning kind of album. It doesn’t have immediate standout tracks in the same way Strange Hexes did, but if you give this record a chance there are gems that reveal themselves over time. Check out “Priestess” and “Return to You”.

Oh, and it’s pronounced ee-MODD wah-SEEF.


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