hip-hop: thee satisfaction “astronomical warfare”

sooooooooo fresh. watch out for thee satisfaction, they are defining the next wave of seattle hip-hop along with the physics, tay sean, hella dope (highly recommended–pun intended), and the rest of the cloud nice crew. this is some seriously progressive stuff that reminds me of the “native-tongues” movement in brooklyn in the early ’90s. ya know, the scene that produced a tribe called quest, digable planets, and de la soul. i mean, i’m just sayin’…

so basically what you have with these groups is a reverence for the “old school” while keeping an eye towards the future. you also have a beautifully independent vibe going on in seattle hip-hop right now. everybody is collaborating, marketing their own shit, and creating a serious scene in the town by playing all the venues (even the north end is getting hip hop shows via the nectar).

this song is outstanding. i love the slam-poet style raps over a nervous break beat with minor key harmonies. when weirdo emcee chocolate chuck comes in for a quick sir-mix-alot style 16 bars you know the song is complete.

download this track for free by clicking the picture above or go to thee satisfactions blog.


One thought on “hip-hop: thee satisfaction “astronomical warfare”

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