Preview Rack: The P of Being P at H – “Higher than the Stars” EP

Multiple releases in the same calendar year is the new thing. Last year, Los Campesinos! had two killer LPs in a span of like 7 months. This year, Bibio dropped Vignetting the Compost and Ambivalence Avenue four months apart. Now 8 months later, NY’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart follow up their fuckin’ fantastic debut album with a quick, five-song EP, Higher than the Stars. The title track is an infectious bit of nostalgia, channeling The Cure musically and Ride vocally. “103”‘s sweet aesthetic completely belies the biting lyrics, directed towards a depressed, death-obsessed, misguided teenager. Under swirling layers of distortion, Kip Berman sings “You can make marks with a razor / choke out on the bed / but do you feel a sense of failure / when you just can’t end up dead?”

The POBPAH are the undisputed indie pop champions of the world right now. Maybe only Camera Obscura come close.


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